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Our Mission

Celebrate Great Britain

Great Britain has many core values. We are a nation of diverse communities living in harmony. We are world leaders in key business sectors and our Heritage, Culture and Tourism are celebrated by millions of visitors to our shores every year.

Founders of Celebrate GREAT Britain, Ian Pelham Turner, and Helena Chard are utilising their vast experiences in global television communications to promote these core values to reflect life in our vibrant Great Britain.

We hope to encourage young people who are interested in media to join us in creating programming. Our specific aim is to produce regular broadcast standard packages, promoting these core values.

Promote Great Britain

Promote Great Britain seeks to promote British businesses. heritage and culture across the world.

The platform is multi faceted working with Sky 585 Love World TV  with it's one billion + audience in the U.K, Europe, USA, India, Africa and the Middle East.

Examples of our broadcasts over the past 12 years can be be found on our Facebook page, All Global TV.

Furthermore we do a weekly live show to America which is then streamed across business America to  millions of viewers.

The Kindness Trust

This Is our CIC company with Charitable values.

The Kindness Card.

  1. People visiting food banks, can receive further discounts at selected retailers through The Kindness card.

  2. Working with 'Let's Localise' which builds bridges between local businesses and schools across Great Britain, as from September 2022, pupils performing acts of kindness can be merited, with discounts across many participating retail outlets through the Kindness Card.

  3. Top Class Studio Production Opportunities, for Businesses, Charities and Good Causes.

Our Team

Ian Pelham Turner, Co Founder.jpg
Ian Pelham Turner
Founder and Principal

Ian Pelham Turner has been a Journalist / Photographer and now Television Broadcaster for 55 years.

Ian for many years was a commissioned Royal photographer, as a journalist worked for premier newspapers in Great Britain , and launched his television career in 2009 with broadcasts on international channels including CNN, NBC, Sky News and the BBC.

Currently, he works for the Christian Diaspora channel, Sky 585 Loveworld and is launching in association with Helena Chard a new weekly Radio/TV show in the United States.

Helena Card
Helena Chard
Founder and Principal

Helena Chard is a highly experienced executive, commissioned Royal photographer and Television Broadcaster, working with many major global communication companies for over 25 years.​​

Helena launched her 'Royally Rich" project in association with Ian a  decade ago and they have jointly appeared in television programming on a regular basis across the world.

Helena Chard and Ian Pelham Turner


Dr Jacalyn Kerbeck, MBA,DBA
Dr Jacalyn Kerbeck
Business Talk Radio Network USA

In association with Dr Jacalyn Kerbeck, MBA,DBA a highly recognised broadcaster and producer Celebrate GREAT Britain will have its own show called Celebrate Great Britain Royally Rich designed to highlight and celebrate all the key values of GREAT Britain. The show both televised and on radio is seen by millions of people across America and also is distributed to many key social media platforms.

Phillip Chan
Phillip Chan
Client Liaison

Philip Chan, an award winning educationalist and supporter of all communities in Great Britain. Phillip is our celebrity guest booker, who organizes the guests appearing on our different shows.

Peter Chand
Building communities and Business

Peter Chand, former Mayor of Barking and Dagenham. Peter is a recognised business and community skills building expert in London.

Wilma Ezimako
Wilma Ezimako 
Head of Global news for Sky 585 Loveworld TV.

Wilma Ezimako  Head of Global news for Sky 585 Loveworld TV. The Christian channel has over a potential  one billion  audience, globally and has daily audiences in Great Britain, Europe, USA, Canada, India, Central and southern Africa and parts of the Middle East. 

Enrique Vasco
Enrique Vasco founder
of JTV London

Enrique Vasco founder of JTV London specialises in media broadcasting.

Micheal Spooner
Business Analyst

Michael Spooner,  a recognised business mentor and developer of start up services. Michael is also an adviser to the Federation of Small Business and local authority development plans.

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